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Suihkonen Family Reunion 2022

The latest family reunion was in July 2022, at Pöyhölän pappila, historical old vicarage in Pieksämäki.
More than 30 members of the family Suihkonen took part in the festivities. After lunch the official family meeting took place.
"Savon Suihkosia", the family book was published at the family reunion by Jouko Suihkonen
Pictures from the Suihkonen family reunion
Suihkonen reunion 2022

Suihkonen Family Reunion 2019

The family reunion was held in Pieksämäki, Finland. The setting was magnificently rustic at UKKO Bistro & Deli in Pieksämäen Veturitallit in the town centre. After lunch the official family meeting took place. Mikko Suihkonen of Suonenjoki was elected as the new chairman of the Suihkonen Family Association. The programme ended at Savon Radan museo (railway museum) at the railway station where we learned in an interesting way the history of Pieksämäki as the junction of railways.

Suihkonen Family Lunch 2018

Suihkonen Family lunch was in June 2018 in Suonenjoki, Finland.
Pictures of the Suihkonen lunch in 2018

Suihkonen Family Reunion 2016

The family reunion was held in 2016 at Suonenjoki, Finland at the Kutvosen juhlahuoneisto. We had a family lunch and Raija Ylönen told us about our relatives who moved to America back in the end of 1800'ies.
Pictures of the Suihkonen family meeting 2016

Suihkonen Family Reunion 2013

The Suihkonen Family reunion took place on in June 2013 in Kuopio, Finland. The location was Alahovi Berry Farm, and we sailed there by boat. The programme included meeting with family members and a very nice lunch with local wine. New family board was elected in the family meeting.

Pictures from Suihkonen family reunion 2013 from this link
Suihkonen family meeting 2013

If you like to learn more about the berry farm by visiting their web page Alahovi berry farm, Finland.

Suihkonen Family Trip 2011

Family Suihkonen got together in July 2011. We made a short bus trip to visit old family homes along the road from Suonenjoki to Jäppilä. The bus trip started from the Suonenjoki church. Then we visited the old Suihkonen homes at Tenhanniemi in Suonenjoki followed by Suihkola in Jäppilä village.
See the photos of the bus trip Suihkonen family bus trip.

Suihkonen Family Reunion 2010

The Suihkonen family reunion was in Suonenjoki, Finland in July 2010. The location was old Harjun pappila an old vicarage. There were almost 40 members of the family association present on a warm and sunny day enjoying meeting each other and delicious fish chowder.

Pictures from Suihkonen family reunion 2012
Suihkonen family meeting 2010

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