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Lived in South Dakota

Four of the Suihkonens moved to America in late 1890'ies. One of them returned to Finland later. Their father was Aapeli Suihkonen, born November 18, 1836 at Suonenjoki, Finland and died on January 8, 1923 at Suonenjoki. Their mother was Klaara Karjalainen, born March 5, 1836 at Suonenjoki died June 16, 1881 at Suonenjoki. Aapeli and Klaara were married on June 27, 1857 at Suonenjoki.

Their children who moved to America: Kalle Suihkonen (Charles Hill), born April 23, 1867 at Suonenjoki, Finland, and moved to America in 1890. He was first a miner but later he became a farmer. He lived in early 1900's in South Dakota, near the towns of Lead or Deadwood. Kalle's brother Aatami Suihkonen (Adam Hill), born July 14, 1872 at Suonenjoki. Their sister Klaara Suihkonen, born January 30, 1878 at Suonenjoki. Klaara moved to Helsinki in 1901 and later to America. Klaara sent her family in Finland a picture postcard of Deadwood on October 21, 1907 explaining that she and her brothers worked there.

Aatami had second wife, Justiina Nuutinen, born May 13, 1845 at Suonenjoki, died Sept. 2, 1930 Suonenjoki. Justiina and Aapeli were married in Nuutila at Justiina's home. The child from this second marriage who also moved to America: Hjalmar Mikko Suihkonen, born October 1, 1884 at Suonenjoki. "Uncle" Mikko visited his family in Finland sometime in the 1950's. He used the name Jalmer Suihkonen in the South Dakota Naturalization Records in 1911.

One of the children who moved to America but later returned to Finland in early 1900. He was Kustaa Suihkonen, born June 11, 1864, in Suonenjoki and died June 5, 1916 in Suonenjoki. He got married in America to Emma Serafina Salo in Lead, SD. Emma was born August 3, 1871 in Kaustinen, Finland and she died March 14, 1954 in Suonenjoki. Kustaa signed a Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen in the County of Sweetwater in the State of Wyoming on 1st of November 1892. However, he moved to Finland and never became US citizen. On this declaration his name is written Gusta Saekkoners.

More history details found in Internet search on: Charles or Chas Hill and Adam Hill who lived in South Dakota, US. Information on brothers Charles and Adam Hill of South Dakota, born in Suonenjoki, Finland.

Kalle Suihkonen wedding picture, Charles Hill
Kalle Suihkonen wedding picture,
wife's name is Selma, picture taken in Deadwood, S.D.
Kalle and Selma Suihkonen with daughter, Charles Hill
Kalle and Selma Suihkonen with daughter, picture taken at Meddaugh. Main Street, Lead, S.D.
Aatami Suihkonen, farmer in America, Adam Hill
Aatami Suihkonen, farmer in America
Klaara Suihkonen with husband Vili Markkanen
Klaara Suihkonen with husband
Vili Markkanen
they had a son called Howard
Hjalmar Mikko Suihkonen
Hjalmar Mikko Suihkonen
Kustaa Suihkonen and Emma Salo
Kustaa and Emma Suihkonen, wedding picture
picture taken: Elite Studio, Lead, SD
high school in Lead, SD
written on the card: Georgi is in this school
Lead, SD
college in Lead, SD
written on the card: Meimi is in this school, Lead, S.D.

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